Friday, November 09, 2007

Pack Break: 2007 Topps Series 2 Baseball HTA Jumbo Pack

It's been a long, long time since I've busted a pack of baseball cards. Between moving into the middle of nowhere and a whole lot of boredom with the sports side of the hobby, I've avoided packs for a while. Well, here's a throwback - a jumbo pack of 50 cards. So without further ado, let's get to the goods:

377 Zack Segovia RC
648 Hector Gimenez RC
433 Brandon Morrow RC
626 Doug Slaten RC
632 Kevin Cameron RC
521 Derrick Turnbow
480 Matt Garza
561 Chan Ho Park
454 Milwaukee Brewers
592 Florida Marlins
Trading Places Autograph TPA-FG Freddy Garcia
Gold 360 David Ortiz (1177/2007)
ARod Road to 500 ARHR224
563 Mike Gonzalez
549 Horacio Ramirez
440 Mark Teixeria
651 Jason Michaels/Travis Hafner "Classic Combos"
578 Dustin Pedroia
540 Chad Billingsley
362 Chris Burke
657 Alex Rodriguez/Derek Jeter "Classic Combos"
446 Jaret Wright
464 Omar Vizquel
Hit Parade HP21 Craig Biggio
Generation Now GN237 Ryan Zimmerman
Joe Dimaggio - The Streak Before the Streak JDSF58
Topps Stars TS6 Albert Pujols
Trading Places TP3 Mike Piazza
Mantle Home Run MHR351
Joe Dimaggio - The Streak JD50
348 Rodrigo Lopez
551 Ronnie Belliard
609 Terry Francona
461 Jae Seo
376 Endy Chavez
618 Willie Randolph
659 Angel Berroa/Andres Blanco "Classic Combos"
434 Victor Martinez
580 Garret Anderson
606 Ron Washington
Topps of the Class Info Card
470 Gary Sheffield
449 Francisco Liriano "Rookie Cup"
410 Tom Glavine
373 Cliff Lee
513 Jermaine Dye
489 Doug Davis
338 Juan Pierre
339 Jonny Gomes
538 Wily Mo Pena
370 Troy Glaus

So in one pack I got 40 base cards (roughly 1/8 of the base set) and another 10 inserts - including an autograph. Not bad for $12 CDN. So maybe the majority of the inserts are kind of garbage, still I kind of like the Mantle Home Run cards. Even without getting the autograph, I'd still be very pleased with the pack given the fact that it took a big lump out of the set I was looking to start without breaking the bank.

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