Sunday, January 20, 2008

Holy crap! A few details and images for UD's 6,500-card Yankee Stadium set

If you thought Topps' mirror sets from the past couple of years documenting Hanley Ramirez's every Dixie Cup of Gatorade was bad, wait until you hear what Upper Deck has in store to pay tribute to Yankee Stadium and drive most of us nuts.

Yankee Stadium Legacy will have a grand total of 6,500 cards in the base set. Yes, that's two monster boxes filled to the brim. Needless to say, it's the biggest set ever made. Every game ever played in the hollowed grounds of Yankee Stadium will be - dating all the way back to 1923.

Besides chronicling 85 seasons’ worth of Yankees home games, Yankee Stadium Legacy will also include other famous sporting events that have taken place there such as Lou Gehrig’s “Luckiest Man Alive” Speech (July 4, 1939); Babe Ruth’s “Final Visit to Yankee Stadium” (June 11, 1948); Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling heavyweight title bout (June 19, 1936, Schmeling won); and Muhammad Ali’s title defense against Ken Norton (Sept. 28, 1976).

All of a sudden, the 42 additional game-used cards in the set don't seem so extreme.

Yankee Stadium Legacy will be inserted first in 2008 Upper Deck Series One Baseball and continue through
Spectrum; Piece of History; SPx; Upper Deck Series Two; SP Legendary Cut (Hobby-only); SP Authentic; UDx; and UD Masterpieces. There's no word yet on how the cards will be inserted (ie as box toppers, one-per-pack inserts, one-per-case redemptions, etc.).

Upper Deck is also set to launch a corresponding website at where collectors can explore Yankee Stadium history and participate in other promotions connected to the set.

It does seem very strange, though, that such a set chronicling the Yankees will likely be without two of the franchise's biggest names in Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio seeing as how their estates have them signed on with Topps. So unless UD is buying Michael Eisner some serious flowers after the Sweet Spot incident from a few months back, don't hold your breath for any Mantles or Joltin' Joes.

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