Friday, August 01, 2008

The Checklist for Razor's $2000/Pack Stuff

My, oh, my Razor is making a splash in the hobby all of a sudden. First off they're signing some of baseball's top picks to exclusive card deals for their time in the minors, then they're releasing a $100/pack product filled with cut signatures from mainly current stars (more on this set in a future post) and now they're making the former benchmark for the hobby in terms of high pack prices Upper Deck Exquisite look like early 1990s junk wax.

When it releases, 2008 Razor Cut Signature Oval Office Edition will carry a suggested price of $2,000 per pack. This isn't for the faint of heart, folks. It didn't take long for Razor to release the checklist either. It's posted on their website here and embedded below.

Less than 100 packs total, everything's a 1-of-1 and I feel sorry for the person who gets either of the Bush-es seeing as how George Sr. can be found in Americana II for about $300-400. At least there's pictures of the subjects that should add to the design.

Two-freaking grand for a pack of cards!

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