Saturday, August 16, 2008

Razor Cut Signature Series Checklist

In case you're curious, the checklist for Razor's Cut Signature Series has been released. See it here.

The set consists of only cut signature cards of pop culture figures past and present. Interestingly you won't find the card subject's name on the card or their picture, however the Beckett slabs they come in list the name in case you can't read the signature. This presumably enables Razor to produce such a set without expensive licenses.

I'm not sure what I think of the set as many of the signatures are from people who are not only alive, but appear in other sets. Some of those cards are being used to create the Razor cards. For example, an American Idol card from Fleer was trimmed and placed onto a Razor card. Not very attractive, if you ask me. There's also lots of photographs that have been used for the cards, something that doesn't look nearly as nice as an index card, check or something else with a solid-coloured background.

Packs are going for about $100 a pop. Most signers appear on 10 or fewer cards. Only 199 cases of the set were made.

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