Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Finished the Yankee Stadium Legacy Set? Didn't Think So. But If You Do...

From the files of "Why Didn't They Announce This Back in April?", Upper Deck has announced that the first five people to complete the 6,661 Yankee Stadium Legacy set that spanned several brands will win a meet-and-greet with Derek Jeter at the new Yankee Stadium next season.

Upon completing the mammoth set, collectors will have to have it verified by Upper Deck in order to qualify for the grand prize.

In the announcement, UD also revealed plans for an update set for the Yankee Stadium Legacy set that covers the 2008 season. The set will be presented to the five winners. Additionally it will be inserted into packs of 2009 Upper Deck Series 1 Baseball next February.

Here's how you can validate your Yankee Stadium Legacy set:
  1. Contact Chris Carlin, Upper Deck’s hobby marketing manager at (702)633-0775 or chris_carlin@upperdeck.com to officially submit your claim. All claims must include a photograph or video of the collection.
  2. Once the claim has been officially submitted and ranked in the order it was received, the collector will have 7 days to ship the set and provide corresponding tracking information.
  3. After receiving the set, Upper Deck will validate the collection within 5 business days, and immediately notify its sender.
  4. Upper Deck will hold the complete sets until all five winners have been validated and notified.
But seriously, if this announcement was made back in April when the mega-set was first being released, don't you think it would have created some additional buzz? I'll bet there's a few or ten who were sitting on the fence about chasing this set and maybe this is what would have pushed them over the edge as far as collecting it goes.

Also, how the heck are the potential winners going to ship these things? Have fun because I'm about 6,656 cards short of the set.

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