Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Edward Norton Goes Green and Signs Cards for The Incredible Hulk

Some actors I never expect to see sign for a non-sport set. Edward Norton is one of them. I've never met the guy but he seems to be the type that doesn't see much of a point for signatures other than on love letters and legal documents. Needless to say I was surprised when it was announced that he'd be signing for Rittenhouse Archive's upcoming mini set based on The Incredible Hulk.

Originally planning for a full-on set, RA cut it back to just nine cards: autographs from Edward Norton as Bruce Banner and Lou Ferrigno as a security guard, six costume cards and one poster card. Suggested price for the set that will be limited to 375 copies: $333. As a bonus, for every three sets collectors and dealers buy, they'll get additional autograph cards of Norton and Ferrigno - this time as the green goliath.

Norton is usually pretty dependable for making films that make you think. From American History X and Fight Club to The 25th Hour and The Illusionist and many others, he's one of my personal favourites working in Hollywood today. Earlier in the year when The Incredible Hulk was set for theatrical release Norton was noticeably quiet, avoid press junkets and publicity appearances meant to promote the film. It looked like he wasn't a fan of the film and wanted to begin distancing himself from it. Maybe there was some truth to it, but if this small gesture is any indication, it may also have been blown out of proportion.

Regardless, if you're a Norton fan, expect a small flood of the Banner autographs to be available when the set is first released in about a month's time as many will likely buy three sets to get the incentive cards. $300 might seem like a lot of cash, but if you consider the number of boxes it would likely take to find one if this were part of a bigger release then it might also be something of a bargain.

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Iwonder how much they paid Norton to sign those cards...