Friday, October 24, 2008

Some New Chrome Goodness to Kick of the New Year

This is one of my favourite non-sport promos in recent times:

The set you ask?

It's probably one of the most clever things I've seen as far as industry promotional tools. This card was given out at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con and is readily available. So while it was a good way to announce Topps was going to be making the set for the new Terminator movie, it looks like the brand's launch is going to be a little bit sooner.

Terminator Chrome is slated for a January release and looks like it will be the first set to include cards of the original film. Inserts will include all the usual Chrome suspects: Refractors (1:6), X-Fractors (1:12) and Super Fractors (#'d/50). Box hits will be any one of autographs, memorabilia cards or sketch cards. Boxes will consist of 24 packs of five cards. Terminator: Salvation preview cards will be included as box toppers.

From the looks of it, Topps is following the same template they did this year with the Indiana Jones brand. Like Indy, there was a franchise relaunch in the winter (for Indy it was the more appropriate Heritage line) and a movie set in the summer. This could very well lead into another set around the time of the inevitable Terminator: Salvation DVD release in the fall, much like the art-based Indiana Jones: Masterpieces, which will be coming out next month.

Chrome seems like a good choice for the set, given the franchise. The dark color pallette of the films might not lend to the best images, though. We shall have to see. Personally, I'm stoked for cards of the original Terminator. On the "hits" end of things, Ah-nuld and all the other major players in all the second and third films have signed cards before except for Claire Danes. Here's hoping that trend can continue.

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