Friday, December 26, 2008

Anyone know if these exist? (2000 Pacific Aurora Baseball parallels)

Over the course of the Christmas break I have been going gangbusters in organizing my John Jaha collection. Everything's been smooth except for Pacific and their subtle variations and parallels. I've since realized I'm missing a couple of cards I thought I'd had but no biggie.

I have come across a little confusion cross-referencing between's checklists and my Standard Catalog for 2000 Aurora Baseball. Both agree there's the base card and the Premiere Date parallels. However the Standard Catalog says there's also Copper (399 sets), Platinum Blue (67 sets) and Silver (199 sets). Beckett says these don't exist. eBay also turns up nothing, which makes me think these don't exist but I figured I'd check the masses in case they know. So if you have a yay or a nay, please let me know.



ManOfSteal said...

I believe there's an error in the standard catalog for the copper, blue, and silver parallels. I had a pretty extensive Tim Hudson collection at the time (I still actually have it, but am just not adding to it anymore), and I never ran across any. But there is a "pinstripe" and "pinstripe premiere date" parallel (white instead of yellow background with vertical pinstripes) that I didn't see you mention. The Premiere Date is also numbered to 52, like the base parallel. If you need a scan, send me an e-mail and I can send you the Hudson one. Hope this helps.

Ryan Cracknell said...

Thanks for clarifying my suspicions. It looks like the Pinstripes are limited to the big stars (at least according to Beckett's checklists) and is skipped numbered. Thankfully Jaha wasn't on the list.

ManOfSteal said...

I didn't realize that the pinstripes weren't a full parallel. Thanks for the clarificiation. Now there are a few less Jaha's you have to track down.