Thursday, January 01, 2009

I'm Pumped! Basement Treasures Uncovered

Over the holidays I've been doing some digging around in boxes in the basement, looking to get things a little more organized. Whilst digging I came across a box of oddball treasures that I'd sort of forgotten about (I recognized them as soon as I saw them but had they gone the way of the leg lamp I wouldn't have remembered).

Now don't let me lead you on. I didn't find grandpa's stash of tobacco cards or someones hoarde of dirty magazines. Think more along the lines of the Land of Misfit Toys from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Most everything I found is a little bit strange, not standard-card sized and some aren't even cards. The picture above came from one of them.

I'll be sharing some of these treasures here over an indefinite period of time. I'll probably be sharing other parts with people I think may want to add them to their collections.

So be on the lookout and I hope I can convey some of their neatitude.

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dayf said...

Neat! I love oddball finds!