Monday, February 09, 2009

Something a Very Different for Topps' Star Wars Galaxy 4

There's literally thousands of different Star Wars sketch cards out there. Some, better than others. Topps is trying something a little different with the soon-to-be-released Star Wars Galaxy 4: die-cut sketch cards.

The set uses two different designs (a Darth Vader helmet and a Storm Trooper helmet) to act as the canvas. And rather than going the traditional sketch card route, the die-cut sketches are being done by well-known underground artists (if anyone who's considered underground can be well-known). The result are some, well, odd looking cards. Here's a couple (images from

Yes, that is a kiss mark and those are two praying fingers standing in spaghetti on Vader's helmet. I'm still not sure what to make of them on a personal level. They're definitely unique conversation starters but I'm scratching my head over what praying fingers standing in spaghetti mean. Toss in the Star Wars reference and you've got one of life's great mysteries. 
And while these certainly are weird, there's lot of - how do I put it politely? - enthusiasm (that is not me) towards the franchise.
Here's an article that explains the background of the die-cut sketch cards that, at the very least, has made me respect the art of these cards and appreciate the fact that there's still a little risk-taking going on in the hobby.

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dayf said...

You sure those are fingers? They appear to have beaks. And um, navels. I'd like a list of those underground artists though, I might have heard of some of them.