Sunday, March 15, 2009

LIVE BREAK! Going for the Set: 1989 Panini - Three Packs Left, Three Stickers to Go

In the next couple of days I'll reflect on getting back to where it all started for me: 1989 Panini Baseball Stickers. But right now I'll set the stage: I found a lot of 80 packs for cheap. I needed nine stickers to complete the 20-year-old set. I've opened 77 packs and need three stickers including two foils (foils are one per pack).

Will I complete my two decade's quest? Will the album be complete? How many freaking Jose Canseco stickers are in the set? Why is it still snowing outside?

These questions will be answered at 4:30 PM Mountain Time.

Here we go. I'm looking for #37, 400 and 401 to finish the set. 37 and 401 are the foils.

Pack 1:

306. White Sox writing (Foil)
475. Frank Viola
199. Benito Santiago
61. Mitch Webster
124. Tracy Jones
173. Andy Van Slyke

Back in 1989 this pack would have ruled but for the purposes of finishing the set, no dice. The drama builds.

Pack 2

110. Expos logo (foil)
With one foil left and two needed for the set, the journey will indeed continue. Oh, well. Let's see if we get closer.

178. Joe Magrane
288. Brian Downing
87. Dave Smith
400. Dave Righetti
438. Rey Quinones

Weaker pack from a player selection, although the Expos logo will go nicely in my collection. But this is about the wantlist and #400 makes me two stickers shy with one pack to go. What do you think the odds are of finding two foils stuck together? I'm leaning toward slim to none myself.

Pack 3 - The Grand Finale

I'm looking at this one from the bottom and going to work my way to the foil as the regular stickers are now finished.

138. Lenny Dykstra
409. Dave Winfield
406. Mike Pagliarulo
246. Jose Canseco (All-Star, League Leader or something of the like)
180. Tony Pena
174. St. Louis Cardinals logo 

There you have it: the last three packs with three to go. I got one so the 20-year quest continues for #37. Atlanta Fulton-County Stadium and 401. Yankee Stadium. If you're a team/player collector and there's something you'd want from a 1989 sticker set drop me a comment or an email and I'll see what I've got after I've sorted through the nearly 500 stickers.

I've also got 160 packs of 1990 Panini Baseball Stickers that I'll be getting to eventually. Same deal applies if you're looking for anyone or anything. No promises I'll find it. I'll have more on my Panini journey soon, which seems pretty timely all of a sudden given the events of the past week.

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