Thursday, March 26, 2009

Monsters vs. Aliens Card Giveaway at IMAX Theatres

An exclusive eight-card promo set for the new animated film Monsters vs. Aliens will be available at IMAX theatres this weekend.

The set will cover each of the lead characters. To receive a set you should go to the movie's official website and print a "Top Secret ID Card," then present it at the theatre box office. Then the cashier will either stare at you blankly or hand over the cards. Hopefully it'll be the latter.

If the cards weren't incentive enough, the movie is going to be shown in 3-D as well. Often 3-D is lame, but in IMAX it's different. You get full color, not just the blue and the red. Plus, it's IMAX, so it's huge.

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