Sunday, March 08, 2009

UFC: Round 1 Autograph Gallery

MMA finally has its own mainstream release with Topps' UFC: Round 1. Although the originally advertised Brock Lesnar never materialized, there's still plenty of top fighters included in the set such as Georges St-Pierre, Randy Couture and last night's main event winner Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Below is a selection of the set. Click here to see the complete gallery.



Fuji said...

the bruce buffer and rachelle leah autos are cool (even if they're sticker autos)... however, i wonder why topps decided to put single autographs on "versus" cards. if you're going to put st-pierre and parisyan's names on the card, then you should have autographs of both fighters (not just st-pierre). in my opinon, all of their single autos should have followed the buffer and leah design.

channing said...

quinton jackson was amazing last saturday -- you see that fight?