Saturday, March 21, 2009

A "What the...?" to Go Alongside the 2009 Topps Heritage Variation Confirmation

Yesterday I got word from Topps on the variations in 2009 Topps Heritage Baseball. It was a standard announcement that made the list of speculated variants finite. Attached was an image of one of the cards on the list:

Here we have a Fred Lewis card that has the image of Randy Winn. While it's a pretty bland way of drumming up interest among the four Winn collectors out there, my eyes actually zoomed right to the bottom corner. Apparently Topps is using eBay to get their press images now. One would think that they'd have a graphic record of the card somewhere in their vast data banks.

In case you haven't heard, here's the official list of variations:

58 Conor Jackson
Variation: Rays logo on card
Mimics: Original # 58 Gino Cimoli

70 Tom Glavine
Variation: Spelled “Thom”
Mimics: Original # 70 Lew Burdette

102 Adrian Gonzalez
Variation: Rangers logo on card
Mimics: Original # 102 Kent Hedley

346 Fred Lewis (image attached)
Variation: Randy Winn’s image
Mimics: Original # 346 J.C. Martin

407 Randy Winn
Variation: Fred Lewis’s image
Mimics: Original # 407 Gary Peters

445 John Smoltz
New Variation: Featured in Red Sox Uniform

488 Hanley Ramirez / All Star
Variation: Featured in Red Sox Uniform
Mimics: Original # 488 Norm Cash

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