Monday, April 27, 2009

One Last Go With Inkworks

A little more than a week ago I received what will in all likelihood be my final pair of redemptions from Inkworks. I bought a couple boxes of The Spirit a couple months ago and by the time I finally got around to sending them off, Inkworks had announced they were shutting their doors.


Luckily they were still honoring the redemptions for The Spirit and will continue to do so until the announced expiration date of June 30, 2009. Yes!

The cards arrived less than a month after I sent them from the Great White North. That's astounding considering the fact it often takes envelopes a good couple of weeks to go one way to and from the US from here.

I was a little concerned with the plain white envelope they were sent in, but then again I wasn't lucky enough to pull a Samuel L. Jackson. Instead I got the following pair:

The first is Gabriel Macht who played the lead character. If I were a big fan of the movie this would be cool, but it looks pretty bad. Macht has been in a few movies here and there but nothing that gets me too excited.
The second is one of the ones from the set that I was really looking forward to. Dan Lauria might not sound like a familiar name and he's not really all that famous. Save for one role: Kevin's dad on the classic TV show The Wonder Years. As I continue to lament the loss of Inkworks, let's listen to a little Joe Cocker.

Farewell, hole-punched Inkworks redemption card.

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Captain Canuck said...

nice. they always did have the best customer service.