Monday, May 04, 2009

The Last Inkworks Card

This arrived a week or so ago:

Oddly enough, I didn't know it existed until Inkworks had gone under and a dealer acquired their leftover inventory. Technically the autograph of Tony Jr. was never released. It never made it into packs and Inkworks never gave word that they were sitting on it. One would assume it was being held back for a follow-up to the Sopranos: Season One set from 2005. But that release was a bitter failure. Personally, I love it and have a complete master set including autographs. The response was so poor that a Season Two set never came out despite ambitious plans from Inkworks.
I was never a huge fan of Tony Jr. but I am happy that another Sopranos card has turned up. Who knows what other unreleased delights might surface after all the extra inventory is sorted.


Wax Heaven said...

He's an underrated, young actor. It's unfortunate that he's dropped off the face of the Earth.

gcrl said...

that photo sure wasn't from the early seasons!