Saturday, June 20, 2009

More From The Office - Opening Credits

It's late, I have a long day tomorrow but I'm avoiding sleep. With only a week left of work until the so-called summer break, what's a little lost snoozing anyways?

I've started delving into the DVD's of the first season of The Office as I play, experiment and attempt a dream set of what I think would be a great non-sport set.

These likely won't be my final cards, but they're a start. I envision probably only three cards in the final set that cover the opening plus the header. Card backs will come eventually. I'm thinking of maintaining the folder theme, maybe add a coffee ring and use corkboard for the back's backdrop.

Anyways, here's some rough drafts for the very front end of the "set":

The set's header card, probably a checklist on the back.

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