Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Week, Another Obama Card, This Time From eTopps

Last week there was the announcement that there'd be a Barack Obama Cut Signature in Sport Kings Series C. This week it looks as though there'll be another card featuring the President coming from eTopps. I logged in this morning to see if I was allocated the first three UFC cards the program offered (I was) and proceeded to check the message boards for this week's offerings. There I was directed to the following:

That'd be a card showing the first pitch from the All-Star Game. It's not a very exciting looking card but one that is likely to generate a lot of interest. Last year eTopps had four cards of Presidential candidates done in a shiny Allen & Ginter style. While the other three can now be found cheap, the Obama continues to trade for more than $85.
This week's other eTopps cards include Joe Mauer, Brett Anderson and Prince Fielder in his Home Run Derby garb.

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