Thursday, July 23, 2009

San Diego Comic Con Card Swag List

I'm going to do my best to keep a tally of the cards handed out at this year's Halloween costume mecca better known as Comic Con. The list will get to the point and that's about all, meant purely for reference purposes. If you know of anything that's missing (cards only, please), please email me so it can be added.


Harry Potter
Artbox is once again selling goodie bags that contain an assortment of previously released products and some new exclusives:

Prop/Costume Cards
SDCC09-CP1 Just Like That & Boxing Telescope Boxes
SDCC09-CP2 Slughorn's Office Cushions and Armchair
SDCC09-CP3 Slughorn's Christmas Party Guest Costume and Lantern Prop
SDCC09-CP4 Death Eater & Dumbledore Dual Costume

Prop Cards
Three different prop cards featuring pieces from Quidditch stand material. The cards are numbered /550 and showcase Gryffindor, Slythrin and one for all schools.

Harry Potter Stinks button. This will likely be one of the more popular exclusives from the show as it's limited to 33 copies and will only be given out through a raffle - five per day with three left over for the Artbox and licensor vaults.

Oversized Autograph
SDCC09. Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood


Breygent will be offering special Dexter sets at SDCC. According to the Canadian company you get a 72-card base set, two costume cards and seven foil cards.

Ghost Whisperer
The first Ghost Whisperer cards will arrive at Comic Con with Breygent selling a box with a 72-card base set, two costume cards, two autographs and nine foil cards. The two autographs I've seen on eBay have the SDCC logo.

Rittenhouse Archives:
Althout RA won't be set up at the show themselves, they are making promos available at several card dealers' booths.

P1 (Wednesday)
P2 (Thursday)
P3 (Friday)
P4 (Saturday)
P5 (Sunday)

Spider-Man Archives
SD09 available only at the Marvel booth. 

Stargate Heroes
Star Trek: The Original Series 2009


Summit Entertainment:

New Moon
Two different promo packs for the upcoming Twilight sequel. The first is a set of five that focuses on Team Jacob. The second set of promos has four cards: Bella, Edward, Jacob and a header.

Unknown Manufacturers:

Promo pack of eight cards promoting the new series or mini-series that debuts in the winter.


Karen said...

Oh, how I miss SDCC...

Mr P said...

That is some serious swag :)