Monday, July 06, 2009

Will Upper Deck Be Taking Up the Air Brush for Baseball?

Please note that I had this scheduled to post a few days ago, but alas the Internets does funny things. So here's some old thoughts that may have been addressed since. Oh, well. Any chance to post an ugly card should be taken up. 

I've been away almost a week and things seem to be pretty quiet on the card front. The big news of the day is Upper Deck and the MLB Players Association coming to terms (links are everywhere, I'm in a busy cafe with limited time). My automatic thought shifts towards why this wasn't a joint announcement with both MLB and the MLBPA. Sure, with their renewal Upper Deck has the players but without the MLB on board we could be looking at a return to Airbrush City.

I'm only speculating here and could easily be wrong, but if Upper Deck and MLB were close to an agreement, doesn't it make sense to hold off any announcements until then? Again, just thinking sort of out loud here with little knowledge - inside or business-side.
All right, back to vacationing.

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Mr P said...

I would have thought they would. They care more about how things look than the integrity of it all.