Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Monkey Business: Steampunk Style

A while back I was made curious by a post at Cardboard Junkie, excited, giddy, exstatic about the prospect of a tobacco-styled art set of cards featuring monkeys as military geniuses. Heck, yeah! Needless to say, I went and ordered them immediately.

They've arrived and Chet Phillips' work is brilliant:


The artwork is detailed, colorful and hilarious. The names of the monkey leaders are like something straight out of Garbage Pail Kids or Wacky Packages: Lt. Gen. Timothy Piddlestain, Gen. Willoughby H. Smellie, Gen. Sir. A. Persnicketybrithches, to name a few. Yeah, I sometimes love low-brow humor.

The card backs honor old tobbaco designs as well. They provide an overview of the monkeys' accomplishments in true snark fashion. The 14-card set is definitely a $5 plus shipping well spent.

But wait, there's more! A couple days ago I got an email announcing a new monkey set from Phillips: Steampunk Monkey Nation. Here's a couple of samples from the sales page:

This time Phillips has taken the set to 20 cards. The cost: $8.00, or those couple of packs of whatever new set that's out. Monkeys and crazy technology and cards all wrapped into one glorious package. Okay, enough of the fanboy glee. Just get yer hands on a freaking set and support the indie card makers, will ya. 


Captain Canuck said...

I received my Steampunk Monkeys this morning....


Hackenbush said...

Obediah Krinkleenut! Love it! Gotta put this on my Christmas list.

Patsearcher said...

Can you send me a scan of Timothy Piddlestain?