Friday, August 07, 2009

Random Pack Breaks: Toxic High (Topps, 1991)

During my rrecent trip home I paid a visit to the old card shop. There wasn't much there that caught my attention other than some random cheap packs perfect for fun, random breaks on the blog. Toxic High hasn't really had a lot of staying power in the hobby. I hadn't heard a lot about it until I found a few cheap packs a few months ago.

Created in the vein of other Topps spoof products such as Dinosaurs Attacks!, Garbage Pail Kids and Mars Attacks!, Toxic High takes aim at high school. Toxic High is the worst of the worst. The teachers suck, the students are strange and there's all sorts of crazy clubs and shenanigans to pass time with.

The set, which is really an all-sticker one, highlights the nooks and crannies of Toxic High, as well as its staff and students. The set is 88 large. But there's also the year book stickers running from numbers 65-87 that each have four stickers numbered A through D.

Made during the mass-produced era of the early-90s, there's a ton of this stuff out there waiting to still be busted free. Packs are cheap. eBay has boxes for under $10. If you really wanted to, I saw a case that worked out to less than $3 per box.

Each pack offers five stickers. The original cost was just a quarter. Almost two decades later, they're probably still a quarter but oh so much fun.

Is there a Topps parody set that doesn't have puking or boogers? I hope not. When you talk about Topps heritage, puking and boogers have to be up there.

First up is a celebrity-inspired set of yearbook stickers. You've got Mr. Ed caught cross dressing, Bazooka Joe's pal Mort, Buckwheat and Beaker from the Muppets.

Toe Nail Clipping Club. Ewwwww. Seriously who thinks of this stuff? Give them a hug if you know them.

Something tells me if this set were made today, this one wouldn't make the cut seeing as how we're a little more sensitive to school destruction.

Any card with Fat Elvis is a winner in my books.
And finally

Whoa, was Toxic High the inspiration for Peter Griffin?

The mysteries we may never solve.
If I've got you interested in Toxic High, let me know.  have some doubles kicking around. I'm also a few away from the set and would love a little help.

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