Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why Is It Pretty Girls Get All the Hobby Love?

Here we have Exhibit A:

Now we have Exhibit B:

Exhibit A comes from a set based on one of the most popular television franchises ever. I even went on a freaky ride based on it at Disneyland last year.

Exhibit B comes from a set from a movie that was based on a show that only lasted one season - and an abbreviated one at that.

Exhibit A features an Academy Award winning director whose film Out of Africa was the Best Picture winner in 1985. His other films include The Firm, Tootsie and Three Days of the Condor. He was also a renowned actor and producer.
Exhibit B features an actress who was a central characters in two TV series. One, Firefly, lasted but one season and led to a spin-off film. Her second series, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, was based on one of the most popular film franchises of all time yet it only lasted two seasons.
Exhibit A features an actor who passed away in May, 2008 and, barring any cut signature cards, will not be signing any more cards in the future.

Exhibit B features an actress who turned 28 less than a month ago. She could, potentially, be churning out autographs for decades to come.

If Exhibit A put his mug on HotorNot.com, he'd probably not get a lot of attention. I have a hunch Exhibit B would rate at least a 9.4 on the site.

Exhibit A can be bought on eBay for around $20 (sometimes less). Exhibit B sells for $120, six times what the Average Joe-looking guy does.

The evidence is clear. Judge Wapner agrees that no matter the resume, credentials or even life and death, the hot chick is much more likely to get the hobby love than an average guy.

The question, though, is why?


gcrl said...

as the hold steady says, 'guys go for looks, girls go for status'

Mr P said...

Why is Paris Hilton paid millions to attend a party or to endorse something? She has no actual skills of any sort.

skoormit said...

Are you kidding me? 9.4? Summer Glau would melt hotornot.com.

Also, you forgot the big difference. One has done work that has a cult following in this decade. The other did work that had a mainstream following about eleventy-seven years ago.

Christopher Michael said...

Fox killed Firefly. As skoormit said, it has a cult following.

Quick look on one of the many fan sites shows that the "Browncoats" are still going strong and still make a presence anywhere that Nathan Fillion goes.

Doesn't surprise me that some of them probably snatch up anything they find on Ebay.

Fuji said...

lol... it's kind of the same with sports cards too. look at manon rheaume's autographs. they still go for at least $15 a piece on ebay. i still have a ud prospects auto of this girl... charline labonte (she's a hockey goalie for canada)... and i just looked it up and people are asking $20 and up for it on ebay and beckett. i've never even heard of her.

Todd Uncommon said...


Consider the target market for the cards in question. The Pollack is a slightly more intellectual appreciation specimen, clearly aimed at older collectors. The Glau card is aimed at a wider group: fanboys and red-blooded 'merican men of all ages.

People collect what they know. I knew exactly who Sydney Pollack was, but I had no idea he'd been part of The Twilight Zone history. People's memories are short, and those of Glau are far more recent.

Those are the rational reasons I can think of, beyond the involuntary responses that the Glau card is more likely to elicit.