Sunday, September 13, 2009

Basement Treasures: Topps Company 2001 Annual Report

Digging in a box in the basement, I came across some forgotten treasures. Here is one of them.

It wasn't long ago that Topps was a publicly traded company that anybody with a few bucks could've owned a piece of. As such, each year they'd have to ready a financial report for stock holders and potential stock holders.

For whatever reason, I requested such a report sometime ago. A few weeks later, presumably after an online survey because I wouldn't have wasted a stamp on one, a glossy magazine with lots of numbers and jargon that didn't make a lot of sense to me showed up in the mailbox. So why keep it? Where else are you going to find Shaquille O'Neal clutching onto a Bottle Pop? Yes, it's the goofy cover that made me hold onto this wacky little piece of oddball hobby history.

2001 had Topps was celebrating its 50th anniversary in the baseball end of the hobby. The back of the report showcases the 50th Anniversary logo that was plastered everywhere that year. Lurking in the shadows is a gallery showcasing each of the main Topps designs over the years. The card choices seem a little random at times. The spotlight is put on some of the more memorable rookie cards from some sets (1974 Winfield, 1955 Clemente, 1975 Brett) and some picks featuring local favorites in the middle of their careers (1983 Joe Rudi, 1997 Denny Martinez, 1988 Bill Buckner).

Seeing as how I've got a few magazines kicking around, this little treasure will likely survive at least one more move. If I ever decide to crack out a ceipher, I might be able to see some genuine hobby numbers and track some historical business data just for kicks.

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Trent said...

Shaq is a hoot! He is always up to something. This is his latest project. You can chat with him live!