Sunday, September 27, 2009

"I Don't Care If You're Not Ready For Your Close-up!"

A handful of singles from 1972 Topps Baseball recently landed in my mailbox. Flipping through them, they all shared one thing in common: an awkward photo. I haven't had a ton of cards from this set in the past so I'm not sure if this is the same with most of the set or just some cardboard coincidence. Either way, here's some awkward mugs put to a classic art deco design.

175. Tom Haller, Detroit Tigers
Forget looking into the camera. Haller is looking all deep and intellectual as he ponders the meaning of life, why the sky is blue and something so terrible it makes him wince just a little bit.

181. Ed Kranepool, New York Mets
Of the lot, this one shows someone who was at least ready for the shutter. Too bad his forced smile was channelled from his Grade 9 class photo.

196. Mel Queen, California Angels
Queen's expression of surprise seems more suited for a guy walking to the curb in his flannel housecoat for the morning paper and being ambushed by some creeper with a camera hiding in the shrubs.

 201. Phil Roof, Minnesota Twins
Another one of those staring off into nowhere photos. Add to that either a windy day or the tragedy known as picture before a haircut and you've got a card that's tipping toward "awkward" on the "Awkward or Not Awkward" Scale of Baseball Card Photographs.

202. Scipio Spinks, Houston Astros
Unlike Tom and Phil, Scipio (for his sake I hope it wasn't pronounced 'Skippy-o') is watching a bird circle overhead, hoping that he doesn't decide to drop a birdy bomb on his shoulder.

210. Denny McLain, Texas Rangers
Finally, we have Denny McLain who looks like he's had a rough night on the town and is ready to go off on anybody who gives him the chance.

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Tigers68 said...

I have to say that unfortunately Mr. Spinks' first name was likely pronounced "skippy-o" as I believe he is named after the great Roman general Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus, whose name indeed would have been pronounced that way. Just a thought.