Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Couple (Hundred) Christmas Cards

It's amazing how many cards there are with Christmas themes. They're not just limited to non-sport releases either. There's plenty of promos and inserts that have a sports theme. A Mick Foley wrestling card crossed my desk last week as well, which I'll eventually scan in. Over the past couple of weekends I've been adding many to an album I created on my Facebook page (shameless plug/plea for fans). I've still got a ton to go, but the album has been created so that anyone can add images to, so feel free to post some of your favourites. One of my goals with the Facebook page is to create similar albums with themes that others can easily add to.

Here's some of the highlights of what I've posted thus far:

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Ken said...

What the...
I don't think I own a single Christmas card. That's odd. Didn't realize there were so many out there. I like the player cards tied to xmas, not so much just Santa cards (No offense to Santa!).