Sunday, December 27, 2009

Six-Pack Breaks: 1992 ProSet Guinness Book of Records

Since I was a kid, the shiny covers of the Guinness Book of World Records has always caught my attention. I've browsed through a few in my time, often during silent reading time where my friends and I would look up the strangest and most curious details. It turns out ProSet made a Guinness set back in 1992.

I busted a half-dozen packs and here are some of the highlights:

Fight Club au Naturale

My Little Pony

Albino Monkey

The World's Smallest Man

Some Guy Trying to Look Like Burt Reynolds Whilst Wrestling a Rather Large Snake


Let's not forget this guy's relatives:

  (HT: The Mojo Hand)

Truly, this set offers a mix-bag of classic cards. If sports is your thing, I pulled some Chicago Bear and a Cricket player, so there's some of that too.

Six packs in and I'm a little over half-way through the set. Packs come with ten cards and there's 100 cards in the set. There's no inserts to be found but according to Jeff Allender's Checklist, there's also four promos to compliment the set. ProSet also made a custom binder.

Guinness Book of Records, like all ProSet products, should be considered junk wax. Boxes can be found on eBay for less than $5 while an entire case of 20 boxes can be had for $32 plus shipping. I suspect one box, which can make more than three sets, should suffice.


Hackenbush said...

I bought a box of these at the Volo Antique Mall, north of Chicago, a few months ago. I paid 10 bucks (no shipping.) They are pretty cool and the collation is good. Of course, as usual I procrastinated in posting them so you beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

Do either of you have card #3? If so, hit me up on Facebook: I used to collect these cards and only need that one to complete my set.