Saturday, January 16, 2010

Almost as Great as the Truffle Shuffle

My unofficial collection of autographs from The Goonies grew this week with the addition of this:

Little Mikey Walsh is all grown up and getting his butt kicked on 24. That's Sean Astin, who didn't last long on the TV thriller. If I recall correctly, his character was pretty annoying too, even for someone who's supposed to be annoying.

Artbox's note also gives this card the distinction of having the goofiest authenticity message I have on a card:

Astin is no stranger to signing cardboard having appeared in multiple Lord of the Rings sets as well as Donruss' cross-brand Fans of the Game. This particular card comes from Artbox's 24: Season Five set. The last couple of 24 sets flopped despite having lots of cool autographs and prop cards. It's too bad because Artbox did a nice job with them.

Other cards in my Goonies collection include:

  Mouth - Corey Feldman

2007 Upper Deck Spectrum Baseball 
Spectrum of Stars Autographs

Data - Ke Huy Quan
Indiana Jones Heritage

Other autographs from Goonies folks include:
  • Steven Spielberg (executive producer, story writer) has autographs in a couple each of Topps' three latest Indiana Jones set including one triple autograph that features him, George Lucas and Harrison Ford.
  • Robert Davi (one of the Fratelli brothers), who has appeared in a couple of James Bond sets and one from Stargate: Atlantis Season One.
  • Joe Pantoliano (Davi's on-screen brother), whose Daredevil autograph is the rarest pack-inserted card in the set (1:2802 packs) and its value rivals that of Ben Affleck's autograph.

Even though The Goonies got the trading card treatment back in 1985, I think it's prime for a revisiting, complete with all the bells and whistles of a modern set. Unfortunately two of the most memorable characters wouldn't be able to sign cards as they passed away within a few years of the film's release. Anne Ramsey, who played Mama Fratelli died in 1988. Less than a year later John Matuszak, who starred as Sloth, died allegedly from complications related to steroid use.

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Alan Christensen said...

one of the most Classic movie moments of all time! That movie and that part of the movie never gets old!!