Sunday, January 31, 2010

Super Sunday: Kingdom Come Xtra #6

This week's over-sized beauty comes from the 1996 SkyBox Kingdom Come Xtra set.

The set was based on the blockbuster (for the comic world) series Kingdom Come that looked at a grim future for the DC universe. And while the story was great, it was Alex Ross' illustrations that really hooked me. Likewise for the cards. They're not the most informative, but each frame of the books and each card is a masterpiece.

Ross didn't stick to the familiar designs of the comic heroes and villains. I chose this particular card for this week because it showcases so many different character designs. You've got Superman and his racing stripe gray hair, a fully armored Green Lantern, an old-school uniformed Flash, cougar Wonder Woman and others.

The mid-90s were a great time for comic cards. There was lots of variety and sets based on short series as opposed to what have been made in the last couple of years that are driven largely by the promise of a sketch card and the base sets seem somewhat secondary.

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Anonymous said...

Luckily, we have some smaller companies struggling to release small, unique sets. There are times, though, where I miss Comic Images. I remember this set, it was so darn pretty.