Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Didn't Win the Super Bowl, But I'm Still Heading to Disneyland

I'm heading out of town in a couple of hours and won't be back until Wednesday (although I may find myself online on occasion). First off it's a couple of days of professional obligation and development at my region's annual teacher's convention. I'll be wishing this guy a happy 84th birthday as he's speaking at a session. Why to a group of teachers? I'm not sure.

Then it's off to Disneyland for 3.5 days with my wife, young children and mom. I'm super excited, not so much to return but to take my kids there for the first time. Better still is the fact they don't know they're going. They think we're heading to Grandma's house on the plane, not to meet Grandma here:

I hope to get the moment where they get the epiphany of where they're headed on video. I also heard that the planned relaunch of Michael Jackson's Captain EO might just be taking place this weekend. 

So if you actually notice a lack of posts, that's why.

I'll return with something on the craptacular Upper Deck variants. Maybe. Posada's got a purple fence. How enticing. Like eating a piece of stale, whole wheat bread. Without butter. Or jam.


The Wax Wombat said...

Have fun! Sounds like a great time.

Community Gum said...

Don't question the presence of Frank Drummond - just run with it. Shirley, you'll have fun.

I had the announcer from Major League that wasn't Bob Uecker perform stand-up at one of my company's functions.

Ryan Cracknell said...

Hrumf. Nielson bailed. Still, can't complain.