Wednesday, February 03, 2010

In the Game Gets in the Olympic Spirit With a Hockey Set Sold Directly to Collectors

In the Game is offering a hockey set direct to collectors connected to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Starting Friday, Vancouver 2010 will be available at the company's online store. Those who are interested in cards from the set will have to submit a request, which will be filled in the order they're received. The print run: 10 of each card. The set is comprised of autographs, game-used jersey, game-used patch and autographed game-used cards.

Here's the checklist:

1Martin BrodeurCanada$99.95
2Roberto LuongoCanada$79.95
3Joe ThorntonCanada$49.95
4Dany HeatleyCanada$49.95
5Patrick MarleauCanada$39.95
6MA FleuryCanada$79.95
7Ryan GetzlafCanada$39.95
8Patrice BergeronCanada$39.95
9Eric StaalCanada$49.95
10Jaromir JagrCzech Republic$89.95
11Miikka KiprusoffFinland$69.95
12Niklas BackstromFinland$49.95
13Teemu SelanneFinland$69.95
14Saku KoivuFinland$49.95
15Semyon VarlamovRussia$59.95
16Evgeni NabokovRussia$49.95
17Ilya KovalchukRussia$69.95
18Sergei FedorovRussia$49.95
19Marian GaborikSlovakia$69.95
20Nicklas LidstromSweden$69.95
21Ryan WhitneyUSA$39.95
22Zach PariseUSA$39.95
23Tim ThomasUSA$39.95
24Scott NiedermayerCanada$49.95
25Mikko KoivuFinland$49.95
26Vladislav Tretiak1980 Lake Placid$69.95
27Igor Larionov1984 Sarajevo$49.95
28Borje Salming1992 Albertville$39.95
29Mats Naslund1994 Lillehammer$49.95
30Mike Modano1998 Nagano$49.95
31Mario Lemieux2002 Salt Lake City$129.95
32Mats Sundin2006 Turin$49.95
33Joe Sakic2006 Turin$69.95

Game-Used Jersey Cards
1Martin BrodeurCanada$59.95
2Roberto LuongoCanada$49.95
3Joe ThorntonCanada$39.95
4Dany HeatleyCanada$39.95
5Patrick MarleauCanada$39.95
6MA FleuryCanada$49.95
7Ryan GetzlafCanada$39.95
8Patrice BergeronCanada$39.95
9Eric StaalCanada$39.95
10Jaromir JagrCzech Republic$59.95
11Miikka KiprusoffFinland$39.95
12Teemu SelanneFinland$39.95
13Saku KoivuFinland$39.95
14Semyon VarlamovRussia$39.95
15Evgeni NabokovRussia$39.95
16Ilya KovalchukRussia$49.95
17Sergei FedorovRussia$39.95
18Marian GaborikSlovakia$49.95
19Nicklas LidstromSweden$49.95
20Ryan WhitneyUSA$39.95
21Zach PariseUSA$39.95
22Tim ThomasUSA$39.95
23Scott NiedermayerCanada$39.95
24Mikko KoivuFinland$39.95
25Vladislav Tretiak1980 Lake Placid$49.95
26Igor Larionov1984 Sarajevo$39.95
27Borje Salming1992 Albertville$39.95
28Mats Naslund1994 Lillehammer$39.95
29Mike Modano1998 Nagano$49.95
30Mario Lemieux2002 Salt Lake City$69.95
31Mats Sundin2006 Turin$39.95
32Joe Sakic2006 Turin$49.95

Game-Used Patch Cards

1Martin BrodeurCanada$89.95
2Roberto LuongoCanada$69.95
3Joe ThorntonCanada$59.95
4Dany HeatleyCanada$59.95
5Patrick MarleauCanada$49.95
6MA FleuryCanada$79.95
7Ryan GetzlafCanada$49.95
8Patrice BergeronCanada$49.95
9Eric StaalCanada$49.95
10Jaromir JagrCzech Republic$79.95
11Miikka KiprusoffFinland$49.95
12Teemu SelanneFinland$49.95
13Saku KoivuFinland$49.95
14Semyon VarlamovRussia$49.95
15Evgeni NabokovRussia$49.95
16Ilya KovalchukRussia$69.95
17Sergei FedorovRussia$49.95
18Marian GaborikSlovakia$79.95
19Nicklas LidstromSweden$79.95
20Ryan WhitneyUSA$49.95
21Zach PariseUSA$49.95
22Tim ThomasUSA$49.95
23Scott NiedermayerCanada$49.95
24Mikko KoivuFinland$49.95
25Vladislav Tretiak1980 Lake Placid$69.95
26Igor Larionov1984 Sarajevo$49.95
27Borje Salming1992 Albertville$49.95
28Mats Naslund1994 Lillehammer$49.95
29Mike Modano1998 Nagano$49.95
30Mario Lemieux2002 Salt Lake City$89.95
31Mats Sundin2006 Turin$49.95
32Joe Sakic2006 Turin$69.95

Autographed Game-Used Jersey Cards
1Martin BrodeurCanada$129.95
2Roberto LuongoCanada$99.95
3Joe ThorntonCanada$79.95
4Dany HeatleyCanada$79.95
5Patrick MarleauCanada$69.95
6MA FleuryCanada$99.95
7Ryan GetzlafCanada$79.95
8Patrice BergeronCanada$69.95
9Eric StaalCanada$79.95
10Jaromir JagrCzech Republic$109.95
11Miikka KiprusoffFinland$89.95
12Teemu SelanneFinland$89.95
13Saku KoivuFinland$89.95
14Semyon VarlamovRussia$79.95
15Evgeni NabokovRussia$69.95
16Ilya KovalchukRussia$89.95
17Sergei FedorovRussia$89.95
18Marian GaborikSlovakia$99.95
19Nicklas LidstromSweden$99.95
20Ryan WhitneyUSA$69.95
21Zach PariseUSA$69.95
22Tim ThomasUSA$69.95
23Scott NiedermayerCanada$79.95
24Mikko KoivuFinland$79.95
25Vladislav Tretiak1980 Lake Placid$99.95
26Igor Larionov1984 Sarajevo$79.95
27Borje Salming1992 Albertville$69.95
28Mats Naslund1994 Lillehammer$69.95
29Mike Modano1998 Nagano$69.95
30Mario Lemieux2002 Salt Lake City$149.95
31Mats Sundin2006 Turin$69.95
32Joe Sakic2006 Turin$99.95


Anonymous said...

ITG always makes such pretty cards...

Alan Christensen said...

I think if you are a Hockey fan and Hockey card collector, you have to get a piece of this action!!!