Thursday, March 11, 2010

5finity Launches P'ups and Sells Out By the Time You Made it Through Drive Thru

5finity has announced another new sketch card set: P'ups: Pin-Ups and Puppies. Yup, a set that mixes pretty girls in skimpy clothes (or less) and their canine companions. Within 10 hours of the announcement and ensuing pre-sale, all 1,500 packs were sold.

The set is another in a line of all sketch card sets from 5finity. Each pack, which carry a suggested retail of $24.95, contains zero base cards and at least one sketch card. This set will also feature sketches of Playboy cartoon Mandy and her dog Skoots. Mandy had her own sell-out sketch card set from 5finity a few months back. Ten percent of the sketch cards will feature Mandy and Skoots.

P'ups will also have several chase elements:
80 Rare Artist Sketch Cards (1:19 packs)
50 Hot Packs with two or three Sketch Cards (1:30 packs)
50 Pick of the Litter Sketch Cards (1:30 packs)
20 Cat Out of the Bag Sketch Cards (1:75 packs)
10 Commission Request Redemption Cards (1:150 packs)
10 Dean Yeagle Mandy and Skoots Sketch Cards (1:150 packs)

Overall odds of receiving a special chase pack are 1:7 packs.

There will also be an incentive for pack rippers. The first person to build a set featuring 50 breeds of dogs will receive a set of 50 cards from 50 different artists. Further details on the contest will be forthcoming.

P'ups is slated for a May 14 release.

Note to 5finity: Suggested title for the follow-up release: P'ups: Sexy Bitches. 

The announced sketch artist list:.

Adam DeKraker
Jessica Hickman
Adriana Vargas
Jim Kyle
Amber Stone
Joe Pekar
Andy Black
John Joseco
Anthony Hochrein
John Watkins-Chow
Arie Monroe
Jon Riggle
Ben Glendenning
Justin Chung
Bill Maus
Justin Ridge
Brian Shearer
Kevin Graham
Bryan Turner
Kristin Allen
Buddy Prince
Lak Lim
Cal Slayton
Lance Sawyer
Chad Cicconi
Laurie B!
Dan Schoening
Lorenzo Lizana
Danny Devine
Lud Hughes
Danny Kuang
Luke Smarto
David Namisato
Lynne Anderson
Dean Yeagle
Mat Nastos
Drew Moss
Matt Hebb
Ed Bickford
Mel Uran
Michael Dooney
Erica Hesse
Michael Duron
Fabio Redivo
Nicole Goff
Fer Galicia
Patrick Finch
Frank Kadar
Paul Gutierrez
Frankie B Washington
Penelope Gaylord
Gary Barker
Remy Mokhtar
George Webber
Rhiannon Owens
Hanie Mohd
Ryan Kincaid
Howard Bender
Ryan Orosco
Irma Ahmed
Ryan Wilton
Jason Martin
Scott Rorie
Jason Metcalf
Sherry Leak
Jason Worthington
Steve Gordon
Jay Fosgitt
Steve Jasper
Jeff Shultz
Thomas Tuomey
Jeremy Treece
Will Caligan

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The Wax Wombat said...

I ordered 2, and was darn lucky to get two! And grateful for it!