Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Topps Online Store Offers Five Exclusive UFC Cards

Topps struck gold with the launch of their UFC line. And they don't seem to be letting up. In about a year they've released three full-blown sets, some eTopps cards and a couple of other odds and ends. The latest cards are five that are only available through Topps' online store. They come free with the purchase of a store-exclusive TapouT T-shirt.

The picture of the cards are pretty small, but the names I can make out are Kimbo Slice, Thiago Alves, Keith Jardine, Kenny Florian and some other guy that someone might want to help out identifying.

Topps Online Store Exclusive UFC TapouT cards
The shirt costs $28 plus shipping. I know I wouldn't wear it, but I'm also not the type who displays MMA brands on any of my clothing. It must come with age or the fact that I'm not cool. However I did have one of those color-change shirts back in the early 90s. I think I was cool for a couple of hours. Then the shirt was uncool so I put it in the dryer and killed the color change effect leaving me with one ugly, gimmick-less shirt.

In all honesty, I don't understand the whole MMA culture that goes with these shirts. To me they all look very similar with the same logos. But I guess so are Levi's jeans. At any rate, if you want the shirt but not the cards that come with it, I'm certainly here.

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MMA Extreme said...

I think the other guy is Mike Brown, who fights in the WEC (owned by Zuffa)