Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Upper Deck Awards

So the Upper Deck Awards are here. Someone apparently put this humble blog up for nomination. Thanks! Want to see what I'm playing for:

Hot diggity! There's other stuff too but I wants me a new plate that doubles as a hunting tool for when I'm stuck and lost in the woods behind my house. If you like the visual of the above loot plunged through a member of mother nature (to be used for food, shelter, clothing and, possibly, tooth floss), feel free to click "Trader Crack's Card Blog" at this poll-a-ma-doo. And then check back tomorrow and stuff that ballot box so this award can have about as much credibility as the NBA All-Star Game vote. And in case you don't want to say yes to Crack for the first time in your life where it's okay, that's fine too. There's some other familiar names too. And a couple that I honestly haven't caught.

However there's also some who are conspicuous by their absence. At least one said they were ineligible due to product sent to them in the past for review. Yet why are others still included? Also, nominations were made via Facebook. I clearly saw a couple of the missing sites nominated. Clearly, this is a horribly flawed process meant to bring on goodwill towards a company that's not on the greatest streak right now. Plus for every post like this one, it gets their name out there again. I freely acknowledge it and yet here I am sort of pleading for votes even when I know that I don't post the amount of content or depth that would make this blog truly worthy. I want the glass, dammit. Think of me as the cute blonde from the last season of Survivor. She may have won, but clearly Russell was the better player. I want to be a cute blonde. Okay, maybe that didn't come out right.

Should the miracle happen and Trader Crack's do "win," what's in it for you, the reader, follower, heckler, bystander? I'll make a feast for anyone who's willing to come to my place for supper. I live in northern Canada where we still have some snow on the ground, by the way. I'll also be passing the other major prize portion of the "award" - an autographed football helmet from the Rookie Photo Shoot, I believer - to Little Gellman because his dad likes football and he should have been nominated but wasn't due to inconsistent rules.

Did I mention I really want that trophy to collect dust on the mantle that I don't technically have at this time? Just think of all the bitterness and resentment it will cause in my house between my beautiful wife and I. But it's a "major prize," just like this is:

So what are you doing, take three seconds of your life, click here and vote "Trader Crack's Card Blog" (or someone else).


Gellman said...

Ha dude, thanks for the nod, but I think you are supposed to give the football away on your site if you win.

Funny stuff, hope you win now, haha.

Ryan Cracknell said...

Nah. The already silly contest is more silly by your absence. If Little Gellman wants to give it away, that's fine. It's not like I've got a chance anyways unless the troops are mobilized.

cynicalbuddha said...

hmm I saw the UD post on Facebook. I'm pretty sure I gave you a vote, or maybe it was mojo and beardy, you should never vote drunk, but i'm pretty sure I voted for you cuz we got crack in the titles of our blogs. hiccup.