Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Has Razor Topped the Castro Autograph?

Somewhere out there is a Fidel Castro cut signature card from Topps that was defaced and has gone on to become something of a piece of hobby art. Apparently the guy who got it didn't bleed Commie red and proceeded to doodle all over the card. If Castro's controversial, I wonder what some will think of a dual autograph Razor has coming in their upcoming 2010 Cut Signature Edition.

It's a Gulf War grand-daddy: George Bush (Sr) and Saddam Hussein. This wasn't the only card that stuck out on the sell sheet. I'm immediately drawn to the name of my all-time hero, Jim Henson, whom I was surprised to see as a marquee name. Perhaps Razor owner Brian Gray is a huge Muppets fan like myself.

The sell sheet curiously lists the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and Mark Twain in the same breath as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt.

Like previous Razor Cut Signature releases and the recent Upper Deck Prominent Cuts, it's a mixed bag with some added intrigue.


Offy said...

I'll never pull it because I won't go anywhere near this stuff, but I'd love that Henson auto. I'd much rather get one that's not cut on something cool, but anything is better than nothing.

dogfacedgremlin said...

I wonder what they have with a signature of Saddam on it?

Todd Uncommon said...

Not far from a SF Bay Area card shop is a permanent protester at a busy intersection of El Camino Real.

She stands there on the corner, seemingly all day in her old sun hat, with two or three signs containing hundreds of words, much like the defaced Castro card.

I've wondered about putting one's insanity on display like that.

There's a reason that billboards use maybe five words, all of them eight feet high. I've been stopped in that intersection, 25 feet away from her signs, and none of it makes sense, even the parts that are legible from being at a stop from that distance.

I actually support that guy's verve to deface the Castro card like that; I guess politics can help define what people consider junk wax.

The sad part is that this guy also looks like a nut job who couldn't hold back his brain vomit, much like my street corner womanifesto.