Monday, May 10, 2010

Random Pack Break: 1992 Bowman Baseball Redux

Not long ago I busted a pack of 1992 Bowman Baseball. It should have been two but a slight mix-up from the online dealer I ordered from missed one. No biggie. They sent it along with a small bonus on my next order. So let's see what the pack brings us, shall we:

574 Steve Finley

33 Edgar Martinez - It's rare that the game's all-time great DH is shown holding a glove. I adore the history of the game, but if there's one reason to support the designated hitter, it's Edgar.

1992 Bowman Baseball 33 Edgar Martinez

255 Ramon Martinez - Back in the day, he was one of the most exciting pitchers to watch. Within a couple of years, though, his brother Pedro would steal his thunder.
1992 Bowman Baseball 255 Ramon Martinez
 82 Pedro Martinez - A kid you not, back-to-back brothers. If it weren't for 1991 Upper Deck Final Edition, this card would be a lot more exciting than it is today. Unless you're first name is Mickey, second-year cards don't have the prestige as a rookie. That said, there was a time when this was a $20 card.
1992 Bowman Baseball 82 Pedro Martinez
92 Jerry DiPoto

200 Jeff Bagwell - Another excellent second-year card. So do Pedro and Bags get the Hall call in a few years? Let the debate ensue.

1992 Bowman Baseball 200 Jeff Bagwell
 682 Michael Tucker (Foil)

324 Dave Righetti

532 Manny Ramirez - Anyone heard of this guy, because I just got his rookie card. His glare makes him look a little intimidating though. But, he is standing in front of either a church or some preppy school that was built following a massive brick backlog to look like a church. Prognosis: I think this guy'll do okay.
1992 Bowman Baseball 532 Manny Ramirez
 523 Roberto Munoz

630 Lou Whitake

96 Donovan "Quit Calling Me Super Dave" Osbourne

518 John Doherty

44 Kim Batiste and a pair of brown Franklin batting gloves that didn't stay in fashion very long, even on the one team where it matched the uniforms.
1992 Bowman Baseball 44 Kim Batiste
 704 Checklist

Ah, when the rookie card was simple to understand and make sense of. You either scored like a Manny or you thought what could have been with a decent second-year pull like Bagwell and Pedro. This is what made Bowman relevant in the hobby again. No gimmicks, no short prints, just every rookie they could get. And some retrospectively ugly fashions.


dayf said...

Dang, that was a pretty nice pack of Bowman there... Also as far as Pedro goes 91 UD Final might have been his first but that one is his best.

night owl said...

If you're looking to unload the Pedro (or, heck, even the John Doherty), you know where to find me.