Monday, June 21, 2010

Trader TV: Toy Story Fun Packs Two-Pack Blister Break

This was supposed to go live last night but for whatever reason, it didn't upload right. Below you'll find a two-pack break of Topps' new Toy Story Fun Packs. They combine elements from all three films, offering cards, stickers and other goodies like magnets and motion cards. Because they're aimed at kids, I recruited a couple of very excited helpers.

As you can tell, Evelyn and Ethan were very excited about these cards. Within ten seconds of finishing filming, the magnet was on the fridge and the pop-up Buzz was put together. Ethan had to be stopped from putting a sticker on his hand (these stickers belong in a book).

When you hear the chatter about bringing kids back into the hobby, this is the way to do it. The emphasis is on playing with the cards and interacting with them rather than hoping for a valuable hit. I got into the hobby by ripping packs and sorting through them. "Collecting" came later. But without the initial fun I would have never continued.


gritz76 said...

I agree! My kids paid way more attention to these cards than any other cards they have. I would love to see the magnet cards cross over to the sports cards. I think Topps is on to something.

Tunguska said...

StaleGum you got some competition for video breaks!!

Evelyn & Ethan - The new dynamic duo, perhaps?