Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's Kind of Old is New Again With 2010-11 Score Hockey

Score debuted as a hockey line back in 1990-91. They made quite the splash too, landing then prospect and next-big-thing Eric Lindros to appear. I fondly remember opening two boxes of the stuff at Christmas and scouring for the remaining six cards I needed for my set. I also remember a sense of wonderment when I found out about the different versions, American and Canadian, that could be discerned by the color of the logo on the front.

1990-91 Score Hockey (American) - blue logo
1990-91 Score Hockey (Canadian) - red logo
Well, Score hockey is back. Set to hit shelves October 13, it will be the second NHL set released by Panini. Here's what you can expect with the base set:

2010-11 Score Hockey

Yup, pretty much the same as it was 20 years ago. Don't get me wrong, I dig retro tributes - when they're retro. These two are pretty much in the same era. Plus, 1990-91 Score is still (sort of) popular because it was the only set that year to offer Lindros and Martin Brodeur rookie cards, not because of the way they looked.

Scanning over the promo materials for 2010-11 Score Hockey and it's easy to see that Panini is going to the throwback appeal, recycling not only designs but the old-time inserts as well. This I personally don't mind as much as it highlights that inserts can have continuity and importance rather than just being ways of getting more superstars into packs.

2010-11 Score Hockey will carry a suggested price of $0.99 per pack. Not bad for seven cards. The set is a beefy 550 cards. Fifty rookie cards will fall 1:2 packs. There will also be ten redemption cards for additional rookie cards as they debut in the early part of the season. These redemptions will be relatively easy to collect as they fall one per box.

A Glossy parallel will be inserted one per pack as well. Basic inserts such as Franchise, Net Cam and Snow-Globe Die-Cuts will fall at a combined rate of 1:3 packs. 2010-11 Score Hockey will also have autographs, including 1990-91 Buy Backs. Collectors should expect one autograph per 20-box case. Finally, rack packs will have exclusive Canada Greats and USA Greats inserts.


John said...

Right Design, Right Price, Nice set size, make this a nice collectable set

shanediaz82 said...

It's been a long time since I dove head on into busting wax and hand collating a large hockey set, but this one might shake me from my slumber...