Monday, August 16, 2010

In the Game Poised to Celebrate the 100th Year of Hockey Cards With a New C56 Set

The first known set of hockey cards is known today by its catalog index C56. Put out by Imperial Tobacco in 1910, the set is celebrating its centennial anniversary. A couple days ago In the Game announced they're going to be honoring the set with their own modern spin on C56, announcing that the design will be the basis for the tenth edition of In the Game Ultimate Memorabilia. The pair of images they passed along are drool-inducing.

The company also announced that they'll be inserting redemption cards good for graded versions of original cards.


dogfacedgremlin said...

These are awesome and I am bound and determined to find win the lottery so I can buy a pack.

Joe R said...

I loved ITG when I collected hockey. However, my only complaint here is that they are picturing characters in uniforms they never wore (see the Lemieux). The "vintage look" was done well with things like C55, so I wonder if collectors will want cards of players in essentially mis-matched uniforms.