Sunday, May 01, 2011

Trade Bait: Garbage Pail Kids Flashback: Series Two

For all you closet Garbage Pail Kids fans out there, here's a few extras I have for the recent Flashback: Series Two set. I'm working on the set but still haven't made a list of needs yet as it's still very large. As always, drop me an email if there's anything of interest.

Base Cards: 3a, 4a, 11a, 40a, 41a, 42a, 70a, 75a

Green: 9b, 30a, 31b, 34b, 52a, 54a, 72b, 74a
Pink: 21b, 31a, 43b, 63b, 72a
Silver: 3a

Adam Mania: 3, 9
Adam Mania Green: 1
Adam Mania Silver: 8

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