Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Topps Clears Up the Fuk'd Up Bowman Chrome

Is it an error? Is it a variation? Is it a gimmick? People didn't know what to make of the Kosuke Fukudome that showed up in 2008 Bowman Chrome Baseball. On the back there was a note making it look as though the card was supposed to be autographed. Yet no autographed cards surfaced.

The official word from Topps is that it's an error and they never had any intention of having an autographed version in the set. Topps also announced there's a total of 1,900 copies of the card. The Cubs rookie is also on the following parallels: Refractor, X-Fractor (#’d to 250), Blue Refractor (#’d to 150), Gold Refractor (#’d to 50), Orange Refractor (#’d to 25), Red Refractor (#’d to 5) and Superfractor (1 of 1). Just goes to show that when collectors come to expect gimmicks, mistakes and Photoshopped snafu's, they no longer know what to make of something that is (intentionally or not) an error. And that's not the collector's fault.


Chris Harris said...

If Topps really "never had any intention of having an autographed version in the set," then why did they even print this card?

I'm calling shenanigans on Topps (again).

Gellman said...

They printed this card because they wanted a fukudome card in the set. It was a mistake that didnt get corrected. Big deal, there are no shenanigans involved.

William Noetling said...

Gee, that's funny, isn't that exactly what I posted at SCU last week?

Chris Harris said...

I call shenanigans because Topps printed a card with "CERTIFIED GENUINE AUTOGRAPH" on the front side, "NOT VALID WITHOUT STICKER;" then give us this bullshit about not ever, ever, actually intending to include a KosFu autographed card in BowChro.

So I ask again, if Topps never intended to include an autographed KosFu in BowChro, why did they print a KosFu card with the Certified Autograph label on the front, and the Not Valid text on the back?