Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gallery: 1985 Topps Father/Son

After being mauled by the kids at 6:30 this morning, I've come to the groggy realization that today is Father's Day. So here's a topical gallery to get your day going.

There's a subset in 1985 Topps Baseball that showcases various father and son duos who had made the Majors. "Father • Son" consists of 13 horizontal cards running from #131 through 143. Interestingly, it also shows Topps' love for their old stuff long before brands like Heritage emerged.

For all those dads out there, Happy Father's Day. I'm off to go watch some Doctor Who with my four-year-old daughter who thinks the aliens are strangely funny.



Matt Runyon said...

Very nice. Topps should do a subset like this about once a decade.

Is 1954 the only year that Roy Smalley Sr. had a Topps card? They used the same card in the 1976 Father/Son subset.

Collective Troll said...

Great post!!! I was searching for those cards last night, but i only found a few. when i was a kid i made a DIY card of me and my dad. it was cool. i remember, even as a little kid in 1985 that Topps left out a few father son combos in that set. only the Hairstons come to mind now. Great post anyway, happy fathers day to all the other dads!!!
oh, and mattr is right, they should do these more often!

Mr P said...

Very very cool post. I love the Dale Berra one!

night owl said...

God, I have that whole set and was never aware there were so many cards in that subset! It's giant!

Joe S. said...

I think I only ever had the Smalley card. I never knew which set it was from since I only MAYBE received one or two packs of 86 Topps (I would've been 4)... growing up, I liked the card because it had that picture of an older card on, which in my mind made it extra valuable.