Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Topps reveals plans for 2006 Topps Heritage Baseball

Today Topps released their initial information about 2006 Topps Heritage Baseball. It will follow the design of the 1957 Topps set. And as some had speculated when the company announced plans to include Mickey Mantle in Topps sets, autograph cuts are also in store.

From a Topps press release:

The award winning Topps Heritage Baseball is ready to give fans a 1957
collecting experience with its 2006 edition.(image attached)

The beloved product, which fuses classic Topps designs with today's
superstars, is annually one of the most anticipated products in the hobby.
This year, Topps Heritage brings the 1957 set back to life. We have the
look and feel down as we have recreated every last detail from 1957.
Collectors are going to think we jumped in a time machine and brought back
original product.

The 485-card base set, featuring Veterans, Rookies, Managers and Team cards
is a spitting image of the original. Parallels include three 110-card sets:
Chrome (sequentially #'d), Chrome Refractor, (#'d to 557) and Black Bordered
Chrome Refractor (#'d to 57).

And as usual, the hobby favorite New Age Performers, Then and Now and
Flashbacks inserts return.

Of course it's not Topps Heritage without "Real One Autographs". The
36-card set, featuring blue and red ink versions, includes stars such as
Ernie Banks, Duke Snider, Frank Robinson, Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra, Brooks
Robinson and Stan Musial. There are also Flashback autographs (#'d to 25)
and something special for 2006-cut signatures imbedded in a 1957 reprint.
These cool cards feature Mickey Mantle (1 of 1) and Ted Williams (1 of 1).

In the Relic Card department, there are the Clubhouse Collection Relics
(includes an auto'd version #'d to 25), Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics (#'
d to 56) and Flashback Relics (includes auto'd version #'d to 25).

And last but not least.the reason collectors really love this product.THE

2006 Topps Heritage Baseball releases the week of February 27th and carries
a $3.00 SRP for each 8-card pack including one stick of gum.

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