Monday, September 04, 2006

Overview: 2006 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Football

It's shaping up like a big year for football rookies with Reggie Bush and Matt Leinhart leading the hyped highway. 2006 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Football includes a rookie in every pack. Some of them are bound to be good, a couple might even be great, but be careful because there's 100 rookies in the set. Rookie autographs are scheduled to fall one per box.

The breakdown is complex and a little confusing so I'll let the Upper Deck press release do the talking (so please pardon any over-hype):


· Hot Boxes Containing a signature, jersey or serial numbered Parallel’s IN EACH PACK! Hot Boxes will hit one per case.
· Rookie Debut Rookies, 1 in Every Pack on Average!
· Rookie Debut Signatures of Players like Mario Williams, Reggie Bush and Many More!
· Rookie and Current NFL Star Jersey Cards Each Falling 1 per Box on Average!
· Game Dated Debut and Debut Draft Link Inserts and Numbered Autograph Parallel’s!


·Regular Set – Featuring NFL stars and rookies!
o Regular Cards
o Rookie Debut Rookies
o Rookie Debut Signatures

·Signature Cards
o Game Dated Debut Autograph Parallel
o Debut Draft Link Autograph Parallel

·Memorabilia Cards (Combine to fall 2 per box on average!)
o Star Material
o Future Star Material

·Parallel and Insert Cards

o Regular Card Spectrum Parallel
o Rookie Debut Spectrum Parallel
o Rookie Photo Shoot Flashback
o Game Dated Debut
o Debut Draft Link
o Star Material Parallel
o Future Star Material Parallel
o Regular Card Gold Parallel
o Rookie Debut Gold Parallel
o Rookie Photo Shoot Flashback Parallel

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