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Overview: Lost: Revelations

Last winter Lost: Season One became Inkworks' top seller for the year. It was a huge hit for one of TV's biggest shows. And the most addicting. Rather than going for a Season Two follow up right away, Inkworks opted instead to bridge the first pair of seasonal sets with Lost: Revelations.

The 81-card base set features all-new images. Subsets include"Survivors," "The Others," "The Hatch," "The Numbers," "Obsession," and "Danger."

Like its successful predecessor, Lost: Revelations includes one autographed card and one "Pieceworks" costume in every box.

The autograph signers are:

  • Yunjin Kim (as Sun-Hwa Kwon)
  • Neil Hopkins (as Liam Pace)
  • Julie Bowen (as Sarah Shephard)
  • Veronica Hamel (as Margo Shephard)
  • Andrea Gabriel (as Nadia (Noor Abed Jaseem)
  • Tamara Taylor (as Susan Lloyd)
  • Katey Sagal (as Helen)
  • Adetokumboh M'Cormack (as Yemi)
  • M.C. Gainey (as Mr. Friendly)
  • Dustin Watchman (as Scott Jackson)
  • Byron Chung (as Mr. Paik)

Oddly enough, based on initial sales shortly after the set was released, Dustin Watchman, an actor who says little more than a line, has the most sought after of the autographs. You see, he signed his in several ink variations, numbering each and adding to their "rarity". Go nuts, completists.

A total of seven Pieceworks cards will find their way into packs:

  • Shirt worn by Josh Holloway (Sawyer)
  • Top worn by Emilie de Ravin (Claire)
  • T-Shirt worn by Evangeline Lilly (Kate)
  • Shirt worn by Matthew Fox (Jack)
  • Shirt worn by Jorge Garcia (Hurley)
  • T-Shirt worn by Cynthia Watros (Libby)
  • Shirt worn by Harold Perrineau (Michael)

As a part of a retailer incentive program, Inkworks will also produce and distribute two additional Pieceworks cards to dealers for every two cases of the product they buy. One features shirts from Jack and Kate, the other shirt swatches from Sawyer and Kate.

Set Breakdown:

Base Set: 81 cards
Cards per pack: 6
Packs per box: 36
Suggested Retail Price: $2.49
Release Date: August, 2006


Autographs (11 cards, 1:36 packs)
Pieceworks (7 cards, 1:36 packs)
Inside the Island (9 cards, 1:11 packs)
Black and White (6 cards, 1:17 packs)
Box Loaders - Mission: Survival (3 cards, 1:sealed box)
Case Loader - Countdown (1 card, 1:sealed case)

Additional Items

Collector Album (SRP $19.99)
Uncut "Inside the Island" Press Sheet numbered /199 (SRP $69.95)

Inkworks will release Lost: Season Two in November.

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