Thursday, March 15, 2007

Upper Deck Pays Tribute to 1967 Maple Leafs

There was a time when the Toronto Maple Leafs were known as Stanley Cup champs. It's been a long time. Forty years to be exact. Still, they're one of professional sports' best-known teams. Upper Deck is paying tribute to the 1967 squad with a 30-card box set that also promises additional goodies.

A total of 10,000 sets will be made. One thousand of the box sets will include 29 regular cards and one checklist card wrapped in clear cello, and a limited edition, foil-numbered oversized card, all packaged in a retail blaster box. These box sets will not include any memorabilia cards and be given away at the ’67 Leaf Tribute Dinner in late March.

The remaining 9,000 box sets will contain 29 regular cards and one checklist card wrapped in clear cello, one memorabilia card (autograph, jersey, or stick cards), and a non-numbered oversized card all packaged in a commemorative retail blaster box.

Every card contains an alpha-numeric code for Upper Deck's Kids Rewards program.


1 Bob Baun
2 Johnny Bower
3 John Brennemman
4 Wayne Carleton
5 Brian Conacher
6 Kent Douglas
7 Ron Ellis
8 Aut Erickson
9 Bob Haggert
10 Larry Hillman
11 Tim Horton
12 Larry Jeffrey
13 Red Kelly
14 Dave Keon
15 Frank Mahovlich
16 Frank Mahovlich/Red Kelly
17 Milan Marcetta
18 Jim McKenny
19 Jim Pappin
20 Marcel Pronovost
21 Bob Pulford
22 Terry Sawchuk
23 Brit Selby
24 Eddie Shack
25 Allan Stanley
26 Pete Stemkowski
27 Mike Walton
28 Group Photo
29 Victory Parade
30 Johnny Bower (Checklist)
3.5 x 5 C-Card Box Topper
ML67 Group Photo

Autograph Cards
A-BB1 Bob Baun
A-BB2 Bob Baun
A-BC1 Brian Conacher
A-BC2 Brian Conacher
A-BP1 Bob Pulford
A-BP2 Bob Pulford
A-ES1 Eddie Shack
A-ES2 Eddie Shack
A-JB1 Johnny Bower
A-JB2 Johnny Bower
A-LJ1 Larry Jeffrey
A-LJ2 Larry Jeffrey
A-RE1 Ron Ellis
A-RE2 Ron Ellis
A-RK1 Red Kelly
A-RK2 Red Kelly

Event-Worn Jersey Cards
J-ES Eddie Shack
J-JB Johnny Bower

Game-Used Stick Cards
S-DK Dave Keon
S-FM Frank Mahovlich

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