Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spectrum of Stars Complete Checklist, Print Runs and Variations Announced

The Beckett website featured the complete checklist information for 2007 Upper Deck Spectrum Baseball's Spectrum of Stars insert set featuring the autographs of many of yester-year's B-list stars. Those Msytery Redemptions that people are paying more than $100 for: Katey Sagal, Michael Madsen, Ed O'Neil, Danny Bonaduce, Fergie and Ernest Borgnine. That's definitely not an Adam Sandler-caliber list many eBay sellers are hyping.

Mysteriously, I haven't a Carrot Top autograph offered as of yet (that's probably a good thing). Beckett has him listed on the normal checklist, not as one of the redemptions. Same goes for former Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson (although he does have an autograph in the just-released Stargate SG-1: Season Nine from Rittenhouse Archives).

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