Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mystery Celeb Cuts Revealed for 2007 UD Sweet Spot Classic

When Upper Deck released 2007 Sweet Spot Classic Baseball, there were several marquee cards missing from their “Classic Cut” inserts. As a result, Mystery Cut exchange cards were released. Upper Deck just released a partial list of name. And unlike the similarly themed redemptions from the 2007 UD Spectrum “Spectrum of Stars”, these names live up to the hype.

Signatures will include:

* Elvis Presley
* John Lennon
* PT Barnum
* Johnny Carson
* James Cagney
* Franklin Delano Roosevelt
* Harry Truman
* Dwight Eisenhower
* Duke Ellington
* Bing Crosby
* Bob Hope
* Gerald Ford
* Jack Dempsey

This set features cut autographs from celebrities and entertainers. Redemption cards will be redeemed on a random basis so collectors won’t know what they’re getting until it arrives. Upper Deck promises more names to come.

As of October 9, three redemptions have ended on eBay, each of which has ended in the $600 range.

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