Saturday, February 23, 2008


Although I've never had a bad experience with redemption cards, I'm not a fan of them. Part of collecting cards is the idea of instant gratification. When I rip open a pack or a box I want the promised autograph, not another promise for an autograph I might have to wait months for.

About a month ago I put my disdain for autographs aside and snagged a redemption for what I thought was a 2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Autograph of one of my all-time favourite sluggers Fred McGriff. The redemption card arrives safe and sound, I jump through a couple of hoops over at Upper Deck's website and I wait. Given UD's sketchy record for redemptions, I didn't hold my breath figuring I'd turn blue, die and leave behind a couple of scarred children lamenting the fact their dad died holding his breath waiting on a frigging baseball card.

Well, low and behold two weeks later a package from Carlsbad, CA is in my mailbox. In it is this:

This wasn't the ball I was expecting but rather an even niftier barrel card. I went and checked my redemption card and sure enough, my redemption was indeed for the barrel. And to think I was expecting it around the All-Star Break in July.

Not only was there my card, but there was also this:

SWEET! If you're unfamiliar with this card it's from the 2002 UD 40-Man set. It's an insert set called Lumber Yard that features etched "wood" cards. Pictures don't really do it justice as there's all sorts of textures and grooves from the wood's carved look and feel.

So it turns out Upper Deck might have actually turned the corner they were promising with redemptions. Not only did my card arrived in a very timely fashion (all the more timely if you take into account I live in Canada), but I also get a cool "make good" to boot.


Brian said...

Sweeet! the Crimedog has come back, to Canada!

GCA said...

Whoa! Nice bonus! The Lumber Yards are my favorite insert of all time! I'm down to 8, and most of those are the minor guys except McGwire. I got Pujols in a partial wax box auction.