Thursday, February 21, 2008

Trader Crack's Investigation Reveals the Gretzky Honus Wagner is Reconditioned

In a discovery that is sure to shake the very foundation of the trading card hobby, the famed Honus Wagner once owned by Wayne Gretzky (and Bruce McNall) is in fact reconditioned. After a wild (and hilariously unfunny) investigation, Trader Crack's Card Blog is able to reveal that the now million-dollar card was in fact the victim of willful destruction at the hands of magician David Copperfield.

Copperfield first had Gretzky sign his Wagner card and proceeded to tear the card into four pieces. Copperfield, showing his lack of hobby knowledge, estimated the worth of each chunk to be $125,000 (this was back when the card was valued at $500,000, not its present-day value of over $1 million). Copperfield promptly put on his mannequin 'oops' face and scurriedly put the card back together again, as if by some sort of magic mumbo-jumbo.

Let this video prove that the Gretzky Wagner is a victim of reconditioning.

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